With more than 90 years of age, I have gone through a long way to be here and tell you my story which is also the story of this vineyard.

I was born in Ligüeimo, a small agricultural town located in the heart of the wine-growing area of ​Chile . I don´t know my exact date of birth but my mother said it was in October 1926; however, she registered me in the civil registry on May 5th  ,1927.

I am the eldest of 8 siblings, with a farmer father, who from a very young age instilled in me a love for the countryside and its vineyards.

I studied Agronomical Engineering at the University of Chile, and in 1960 continued my postgraduate studies in Oenology and Viticulture in France at the Universities of Montpellier and Bordeaux.

In 1965, on a visit to my parents, I found out about the sale of a beautiful property in the Placilla district; motivated by the vineyards that were already in production in those years, I bought what is currently “Viña Ravanal”; at the present with the invaluable heritage of  having vineyards that are more than one hundred years old.

My sons, Carmen Paz, Pía and Mario Sebastián, joined my path, oenologists who have continued my work, love and hard work for wine; adding youth, strength and innovation to Viña Ravanal. The vineyards have gained in years and in value, as has our family of winemaking and oenological tradition, working on the production of wines with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Our wines have this history engraved in their flavor, a privileged terroir and microclimate generate fine wines with fruity flavors and very slow maturation. Our area is a true paradise, the contrast of temperatures during the day and at night allows the grapes to develop in an extraordinary way, highlighting robust red wines with great body and persistence ,and white wines with intense aromas.

My story, as my family  is inextricably linked to this vineyard. I have lived my last 60 years intensely among these centuries-old vineyards. Our winery is one of the oldest in the Colchagua Valley. Our carefully designed  process, including  manual harvesting and  selection, added to advanced technologies and maturation in French and American oak barrels that trigger in exceptional wines, sophisticated and elegant with great fruit character, excellent body, complexity and intensity. I invite you to enjoy our wines, the result of the perfect combination of oenological experience, family tradition and the hard daily work of a great team.