Satraps were former Persian rulers who earned a reputation as despots. However, in Mendoza it is said of the one who enjoys what life offers him without dwelling too much on his benefit. Bon vivant, epicurean, gourmet or dandy, this wine belongs to him.

Francisco Llorente, a graduate of the Don Bosco University, made harvests in some wineries in Mendoza and France. After his time at Bodegas Pascual Toso he dedicated himself to books and later to metallurgy. He is currently developing the Sátrapa project together with his partners Marcelo Licanic and Santiago Llorente.

With our wines we decided to compare two of the most important areas of Mendoza. On the one hand Luján de Cuyo, represented in this case by Agrelo. On the other, the rise of the Uco Valley, whose chosen area was Vista Flores.

We elaborate the two geographical zones simultaneously, each one with its unique virtues, using the same production system, so that the terroir can be expressed with the least possible interference.
Let's discover them!