The Galician winery Bodegas Godeval today makes its wines with the same eagerness and determination with which they began, 30 years ago, to recover the white Godello variety, under the Valdeorras denomination of origin. In their facilities, located in the historic surroundings of Xagoaza (O Barco), they began their project to recover the variety in the 80s, using part of the medieval building of the Mosteiro de Xagoaza as a winery and planting their own vineyards, to control everything. the process and follow the maxim that “wine is made in the vineyard”. With the passage of time and the need to continue meeting the needs of its customers, it expanded its plantations and also its facilities. The new winery has been designed to become a viewpoint over the valley, where tradition and modernity come together.

Bodegas Godeval was founded in 1986 carrying out a first vinification to produce a single varietal wine based on grapes of the Godello variety.

We started with 2 hectares of vineyards and producing 18,000 bottles of what is known as Viña Godeval. In 1988 we expanded production with the start-up of the winery inside what is known as "Mosteiro de Xagoaza".

In 1974, Horacio Fernández Presa, as regional head of the Agrarian Extension office of the region, launched the REVIVAL Program. The central nucleus of the project consisted of the recovery of the indigenous Godello variety. An entire informative and training program was launched to make his recovery a reality.

In 1988 the restoration and conditioning works of the Monastery began. A beautiful medieval complex to become the Godeval winery.

Currently the winery has the most modern winemaking technology in new facilities inaugurated in 2009. The annual production is 150,000 liters made from our own vineyards.