Moli Parellada

The Molí Parellada project is the graphic representation of the humility, perseverance and adaptation of a whole generation. The impetus of the winery's winemaker, son of the couple who founded the winery, made him pursue his own dream, that of sharing our products and passion in all parts of the world. This perseverance was transformed into a growth, both personal and professional, which forced to move the facilities to Torrelavit, in an old paper mill that gives the current name to the winery.

What once started as the dream of the winery's owner is now a goal shared by the entire team.The products we offer are both wines and cavas. It is well known that our strong point is the latter, but the basis of a great cava is always a great wine. We distinguish our ranges by brands: Clos la Soleya with the young and fresh cavas, El Xamfrà as the organic reserve cavas, still made in the old cellar of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, and Mercat, where we find the most premium cavas and with more marked aging. Finally, our N'Joy wines are the soul of the Penedès converted into wine, full of fruit and floral aromas that make them the perfect companions.

At Molí Parellada we know that challenges only exist for those who decide to face them, which is why Francisco Domínguez is not only our winemaker, but also a performer capable of instilling the unique, special nature of Penedès into our cavas, allowing for every bottle to hold within it the personality of a territory that doesn’t live on its vineyards but rather for them.